Books in my bestselling Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series listed in order: TRUDGE, SOLDIER ON, IN HARM'S WAY, A POUND OF FLESH, ALLEGIANCE, MORTAL, WARPATH, GHOSTS, FRAYED, DRAWL: (Duncan's Story),DISTRICT, and ABYSS.


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Like a fragile house of cards in a hurricane, Presidents, Premiers, entire governments and their ruling bodies disappeared instantly. Some had ensconced themselves in deep underground bunkers or remained holed up in fortified strongholds, but history would tell that most had been swallowed up by the dead - never to be heard from again. Infection rates skyrocketed in the United States’ largest cities the first days of the outbreak, as the rapacious dead delivered the Omega virus with emotionless efficiency. During the ensuing days, the rest of the country and the world shared the same fate as Omega spread exponentially from within the mega population centers, pulsing into the countryside, a rotten, shambling diaspora. It had taken 3.7 billion years for man to evolve from a universal common ancestor – to stop dragging his collective knuckles - finally ​to emerge the dominant species, complete with shiny new iPads, smartphones, worldwide non-stop air travel, and all manner of high tech war machines. Yet it had taken one microscopic manmade virus only three days to deliver mankind, on its collective knees, to the doorstep of annihilation. Can the human race survive what appears to be its final extinction level event?

day one - outbreak

the zombie apocalypse