Hanging with Armand Rosamilia and a couple of pesky ravens at the WHC in Portland, Oregon.

Holding down the fort at the 2014 World Horror Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Left to Right - Mark Tufo, William O'Brien, John O'Brien and Shawn Chesser.

October 2013

Apocacon in Long Beach, California.

Left to right - Saul Tanpepper, Julie Randolph, David P. Forsyth, Shawn Chesser, Monique Happy, and Cannon Knight.

October 2013

A book signing and author panel discussing the apocalypse, hosted by the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in Redondo Beach, California.

Left to right - Peter Clines, Craig DiLouie, David P. Forsyth, Cannon Knight, Angery American, Saul Tanpepper, and Shawn Chesser.

the zombie apocalypse