Review by Steve Lepper of the Military Thriller Book Club

I just finished Shawn Chesser, Author latest, The Hitter: Quiet War. Former Special Forces Operator Cade and his crew take on terrorists in their backyard in this first-of-a-new-series novel. When the US withdraws from Afghanistan and someone in the government evacuates terrorists to the US, Cade knows the fight is personal as some of his HVT’s go after Cade and his family. Author Chesser writes like he spent some time himself in the Tier One community. Shawn’s zombie apocalypse thrillers are hugely popular and Quiet War should have as big an audience. There’s a touch of politics wrapped inside a ton of action. The novel hits the ground running and at times I felt like this was book #2 instead of #1. There is a bit of a backstory that comes out as the novel moves quickly along. I would love a prequel to this somewhere down the line. Spoiler alert, there is a cliffhanger ending. If you love action and team-based thrillers (I do), then you’ll love this. There’s just enough gear talk for the tacti-crowd but not enough to sound like a commercial. The characters are varied and real and their interplay is rude, crude and thoroughly enjoyable. The action is fast, furious, and bloody. What’s not to like? End your year or start the new one with The Hitter: Quiet War. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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